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Inganathi:   Yes, you should be able to use the midlde mouse button to toggle Cursor Lock. And yes, it will require editing the config manually. Under [Hotkeys], you want to change ToggleLockKey=4. This is the . Haven't actually tried it, though, but it should wo
Kathleen:   This is a really great pgroram, really helping me a lot.But 1 thing that I really hope is that I can toggle cursor lock using middle click button.It would be really nice if there is an option that we can control cursor lock toggle from mouse(middle c
Ilmondodelcucciolo:   I'm always siuerrspd about how many toys I got for my kids because I really wanted them when I was a kid. We got Mousetrap for that very reason. =)A children's museum near us has a whole room full of those big legos, The creations are amazing! I l
John:   Hey chanson,Totally unereatld to this post but,Did you realize that something about Main Street Plaza has been making it load INCREDIBLY slow? This has been going on for the last several months and is probably a primary reason I've been absent from t
Yasmim:   Fiinndg this post solves a problem for me. Thanks!
Hugo:   This is just the pecerft answer for all forum members